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Being a Mother Is One of the Hardest Jobs in the World

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This all-important job comes with little or no training...

Verse Inside

There's no license or degree to certify that you are properly educated and skillfully prepared todo the job.
Unlike most careers, motherhood is one full of emotional ups and downs.No one is more important than those you are in charge of. Every mistake, slip-up,or decision can have you wondering and second guessing yourself, your motives, and your expertise.You may long for peace and instead get poting and rebellion.

When difficult times seem overwhelming and you wonder whatever possessed you to become a parent in the first place, remember...the answer is love.

It's love that willsee you through every heartache and worry.Love willsoothe,kiss, and hug away fears of sadness.It'slove that is balanced with discipline and caring,humour and responsibility, love that can say no when it's the best answer and yes whenever possible. This kind of love never disappears, even when everything else seems to - because the love of a mother is the only kind guaranteed to be unconditional and never ending.  


Happy Mother's Day To a Very Special Mother 

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